The Hutt Lord's Revenge

Session 01

Our adventure begins

Rufus Teach was in hot pursuit of his bounty, a Rodian pilot named Kriel Parsa. After apprehending his acquisition, they returned to Gorrodo the Hutt. Gorrodo paid Rufus and added on an additional bounty. Kill Kriel once they arrive at Nal Hutta. Rufus accepted and followed Kriel to The Hutt Lord’s Revenge, Gorrodo’s freighter.
Meanwhile, Gida and Shaak met up with their contact, Feen’Olan, a Twi’lek dancer at the cantina near their rooms. She finally had information on the slaves being transported from Mos Espa to an unknown location and buyer.
Shaak hid in a crate while Gida boldly walked up to the guard of The Hutt Lord’s Revenge. He wasn’t interested in her flirting however; he was interested in letting her deliver some provisions. Gida took the crate of Shaak to the cargo area and they both hid in an engineering shaft. A few minutes later, Kriel arrived with 2 guards and Rufus. They took off in moments…none remembering the young delivery girl and her package.
After a day or so hidden and watching the movement of the guards, Gida and Shaak decided to approach the bounty hunter that never seemed to leave the lounge area…blocking them from further exploration. They explained that the cargo was slaves and Rufus went to confirm with the pilot. Kriel confirmed and was promptly shot in the head. Rufus had Gida control the doors while he and Shaak took out the guards, by expelling them into the blackness of space.
Opening the loading hatch in the engineering bay caused some damage to the R2-D6 unit wired into the hyperdrive. However, they limped their way to Nal Hutta. They chose to land on Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta’s moon instead. While examining the damage, a small Cerean girl named Nynna approached. She’d been on the lookout for ships that come in damaged.
Nynna ran right back to Dingo Dynamics, Geofe’s workshop. After making a mess of her own, he agreed to make a friend for the other mini droid he’d created for her as payment for bringing him work. Geofe and KX-12 gathered their tools and took off to the designated hangar bay while Nynna and Tink cleaned up her mess.
Geofe and Kay-X took a look at the damage and negotiated with Rufus for the repairs. Gida and Shaak were playing tag. Shaak thought it would be a good idea to hop on the fun-looking droid. Kay-X spun around, throwing Shaak into the bulkhead door where she slowly slid to the ground, momentarily stunned but ok. After the excitement, Geofe and Kay-X went back to their workshop to gather the parts they had and arrange for the parts that weren’t in their inventory.
Elsewhere, Hannimaul and Ashe were mid-heist. Hannimaul followed the homeowner while Ashe liberated some of his excess belongings. She was looking for a safe but found a box instead. Inside she found 80 credits, a Wood-handled Vibroknife and something that she chose not to share. After a particularly impressive and acrobatic scamper across rooftops and down the side of a building, Ashe and Hannimaul were making their way back to their home turf when they got a call from their friend and occasional patron, Geofe. Geofe asked them to acquire a hyperdrive core and 2 navicomputers for a Corelian light freighter and meet him on The Hutt Lord’s Revenge.
When Hannimaul and Ashe were sneaking onto the freighter, Ashe made it undetected but Hannimaul drew the attention of the pilot making some repairs on top of the ship. Ashe got in and got the parts in 2 trips. On her final trip, while carrying the navicomputers, she dropped one. The pilot heard the clatter and turned, drawing his blaster pistol and firing. Ashe escaped with no injuries and they rushed over to the Hutt Lord’s Revenge with their booty.
During the repairs, Geofe noticed the stasis pods under the tarp that Rufus asked him to ignore. His curiosity got the better of him and he looked. The pods are old and damaged, a few are starting to fail. Rufus was rather upset that Geofe had snooped but once Geofe informed Rufus of the state of the pods, they were on the same side. Ashe and Hannimaul arrived with the parts and the navicomputers were installed. Once they started to repair the hyperdrive core, they realized that the astromech droid, R2-D6, WAS the hyperdrive core and hard wired into the hyperdrive system. As they were working on the repairs, Gida decided to clean the cockpit of the Kriel remnants. She found a wedding band wedged beneath one of the consoles.
Hannimaul waited for payment on the loading ramp. While he was waiting, a very large Twi’lek man showed up asking for his shipment. Looking around, he noticed that the ship was surrounded by guards with blasters pointed at him and the ship. He told the Twi’lek that he’d get the captain and hurried to find Rufus. Rufus called for a distraction while he got the ship into the air. Gida chose to employ the art of dance to keep the Twi’lek focused on her instead of the engines. When Rufus gave the signal, Gida rushed inside just as the loading ramp lifted.
The party escaped with a few blaster bolts hitting the hull but no real damage. Rufus had R2-D6 pick a safer spot and engaged the hyperdrive…that worked! So, now we have Rufus, Gida, Shaak, Geofe, Kay-X, Hannimaul and Ashe on a ship stolen from a Hutt Lord with his cargo of slave-filled stasis pods, some of which are failing, on their way to a location deemed “safer” by a recently freed astromech droid. What will they do next?



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