The Hutt Lord's Revenge

Session 06

Exploring Sleheyron

Somewhere near an asteroid on the fringes of Hutt Space, our plucky band of ne’er-do-wells celebrate their triumph…and expected influx of cash. Riding along are Godon Netakka, R4-W9 and 2 Loader Droids. Riding along with slightly less enthusiasm and a major blemish on his face is Bandin Dobah, bounty acquisition.
Between Rufus, KX and D6, they were able to navigate a respectably short route through the Kessel Run. There were only two close calls with black holes. 12 parsecs. Not bad.
Gida received urgent orders. Both she and Shaak needed to get to Naboo as fast as possible, within the limits of the FRM’s budget. They both ran off before the ramp had even hit the ground on the swampy planet of Sleheyron. The rest quickly found their way to both a “little smuggler’s room” and Thakba’s fabulous palace. The palace rose high above the noise and pollution of the spaceport city.
Thakba was all too pleased to give Rufus the 5000 credit bounty and purchase the 7 crates of glitterstim. The happy Hutt Lord “invited” everyone to see what would become of Bandin in the slave gladiator pits on the following day. Of course the invitation was accepted. In the meantime, KX, Rufus, Geofe and Godon spent some time enjoying the food, drinks, entertainment and company. KX even started a new dance craze!
The rest of the day was spent on a marginally successful shopping trip. They were, however very successful in their attempt to get some upgrades for the ship. These were installed immediately. Godon decided to stay here on Sleheyron and build a bounty hunting team, of which R4 is the first member and his sister, Zukata, would likely be the second.
Early the next morning, Rufus, Geofe, KX, Hannimaul, Ashe and one of the loader droids left to hit up the trade district again before heading to the Gladiator Pits. Bandin took to the pit not long after they arrived. His first opponent was a young, thin Twi’lek. Bandin won. His second opponent, however, was a heavy Weequay who destroyed him in moments.
While the organics were accompanying Thakba, KX and MaX-L picked up 3 pennants supporting droids in their own gladiatorial arena. MaX was enthralled with the combat. Seeing this, KX’s focus shifted to the coaches in an attempt to evaluate their behavior towards the droids in their care. Most were harsh and demanding, clearly “owners”, while others tended to ignore the droid and just make adjustments and repairs to their parts. One, a human woman, had a couple of droids around her. She seemed to hover around them like a hen with her little chicks. As Rufus and Geofe arrived, MaX declared his desire to be a gladiator and KX led them over to the coach that it had been watching. After a brief discussion and repeated assurances that MaX would remain a free droid, Rufus, Geofe and KX left for an excursion out into the swamps.
Accompanying a comms relay repair crew and their guards, the trio thoroughly annoyed the entire crew. Once they arrived at the site of the malfunction, KX attempted and failed to catch a goldfish. Instead, it used the bucket to pick up trash left around the tiny island. KX later used this same trash to distract a few dianoga from attacking the workers. This unconventional rescue changed the minds of the crew and the journey back to the city had a party atmosphere. They were enjoying the company so much that they invited Rufus, Geofe and KX to their local cantina. Happy to continue the revelry, they enthusiastically agreed. Geofe ordered some tea, Rufus a beer and KX started doing oil shots before hitting the dance floor with the moves that won over the crowd in Thakba’s palace the previous day.
After a few hours, the crew had gone home, Geofe was asleep on the bar, teacup in his hand and KX had finally noticed that it was the last one on the dancefloor. KX and Rufus dragged Geofe back home to the Hutt Lord’s Revenge. What will happen next time? Where have our intrepid thieves disappeared to? Why were Gida and Shaak called away so suddenly? Can KX suffer from a hangover? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!



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