The Hutt Lord's Revenge

Session 01
Our adventure begins

Rufus Teach was in hot pursuit of his bounty, a Rodian pilot named Kriel Parsa. After apprehending his acquisition, they returned to Gorrodo the Hutt. Gorrodo paid Rufus and added on an additional bounty. Kill Kriel once they arrive at Nal Hutta. Rufus accepted and followed Kriel to The Hutt Lord’s Revenge, Gorrodo’s freighter.
Meanwhile, Gida and Shaak met up with their contact, Feen’Olan, a Twi’lek dancer at the cantina near their rooms. She finally had information on the slaves being transported from Mos Espa to an unknown location and buyer.
Shaak hid in a crate while Gida boldly walked up to the guard of The Hutt Lord’s Revenge. He wasn’t interested in her flirting however; he was interested in letting her deliver some provisions. Gida took the crate of Shaak to the cargo area and they both hid in an engineering shaft. A few minutes later, Kriel arrived with 2 guards and Rufus. They took off in moments…none remembering the young delivery girl and her package.
After a day or so hidden and watching the movement of the guards, Gida and Shaak decided to approach the bounty hunter that never seemed to leave the lounge area…blocking them from further exploration. They explained that the cargo was slaves and Rufus went to confirm with the pilot. Kriel confirmed and was promptly shot in the head. Rufus had Gida control the doors while he and Shaak took out the guards, by expelling them into the blackness of space.
Opening the loading hatch in the engineering bay caused some damage to the R2-D6 unit wired into the hyperdrive. However, they limped their way to Nal Hutta. They chose to land on Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta’s moon instead. While examining the damage, a small Cerean girl named Nynna approached. She’d been on the lookout for ships that come in damaged.
Nynna ran right back to Dingo Dynamics, Geofe’s workshop. After making a mess of her own, he agreed to make a friend for the other mini droid he’d created for her as payment for bringing him work. Geofe and KX-12 gathered their tools and took off to the designated hangar bay while Nynna and Tink cleaned up her mess.
Geofe and Kay-X took a look at the damage and negotiated with Rufus for the repairs. Gida and Shaak were playing tag. Shaak thought it would be a good idea to hop on the fun-looking droid. Kay-X spun around, throwing Shaak into the bulkhead door where she slowly slid to the ground, momentarily stunned but ok. After the excitement, Geofe and Kay-X went back to their workshop to gather the parts they had and arrange for the parts that weren’t in their inventory.
Elsewhere, Hannimaul and Ashe were mid-heist. Hannimaul followed the homeowner while Ashe liberated some of his excess belongings. She was looking for a safe but found a box instead. Inside she found 80 credits, a Wood-handled Vibroknife and something that she chose not to share. After a particularly impressive and acrobatic scamper across rooftops and down the side of a building, Ashe and Hannimaul were making their way back to their home turf when they got a call from their friend and occasional patron, Geofe. Geofe asked them to acquire a hyperdrive core and 2 navicomputers for a Corelian light freighter and meet him on The Hutt Lord’s Revenge.
When Hannimaul and Ashe were sneaking onto the freighter, Ashe made it undetected but Hannimaul drew the attention of the pilot making some repairs on top of the ship. Ashe got in and got the parts in 2 trips. On her final trip, while carrying the navicomputers, she dropped one. The pilot heard the clatter and turned, drawing his blaster pistol and firing. Ashe escaped with no injuries and they rushed over to the Hutt Lord’s Revenge with their booty.
During the repairs, Geofe noticed the stasis pods under the tarp that Rufus asked him to ignore. His curiosity got the better of him and he looked. The pods are old and damaged, a few are starting to fail. Rufus was rather upset that Geofe had snooped but once Geofe informed Rufus of the state of the pods, they were on the same side. Ashe and Hannimaul arrived with the parts and the navicomputers were installed. Once they started to repair the hyperdrive core, they realized that the astromech droid, R2-D6, WAS the hyperdrive core and hard wired into the hyperdrive system. As they were working on the repairs, Gida decided to clean the cockpit of the Kriel remnants. She found a wedding band wedged beneath one of the consoles.
Hannimaul waited for payment on the loading ramp. While he was waiting, a very large Twi’lek man showed up asking for his shipment. Looking around, he noticed that the ship was surrounded by guards with blasters pointed at him and the ship. He told the Twi’lek that he’d get the captain and hurried to find Rufus. Rufus called for a distraction while he got the ship into the air. Gida chose to employ the art of dance to keep the Twi’lek focused on her instead of the engines. When Rufus gave the signal, Gida rushed inside just as the loading ramp lifted.
The party escaped with a few blaster bolts hitting the hull but no real damage. Rufus had R2-D6 pick a safer spot and engaged the hyperdrive…that worked! So, now we have Rufus, Gida, Shaak, Geofe, Kay-X, Hannimaul and Ashe on a ship stolen from a Hutt Lord with his cargo of slave-filled stasis pods, some of which are failing, on their way to a location deemed “safer” by a recently freed astromech droid. What will they do next?

Session 02
The Tragedy of Kriel

As the Hutt Lord’s Revenge lifted off in Nar Shaddaa, KX was able to see something from its vantage point in the cockpit. Once they were in hyperspace, KX ran into the engineering area where everyone was gathered trying to sort out what happened. “Nynna! Danger! Twi’lek!” over and over. Geofe realized what KX was trying to say. “We have to go back!”
“Change coordinates!” KX was shouting as it tried to convince R2-D6 to change destinations but it was too late. R2 was set on the destination and the ship was already in hyperspace. They are stuck on the ship for 3 days until they get to Formos.
In the meantime, there were 80 poor quality or failing stasis pods on the ship that needed everyone’s attention. There were some close calls but with the combined efforts of Geofe, KX and Tink, they kept most of the pods functional. Those that couldn’t be repaired were opened.
One of the pods held a Rodian woman named Varo Parsa, the wife of Kriel (former pilot of the ship that Rufus shot in the head). Hidden in her pod was her daughter. Rufus told her that Kriel had died in the crossfire of a mutiny (a tale which had only a brief acquaintance with the truth). Varo, in shock, told their whole story. Kriel found out that he’d been hauling slaves. Sickened by this, he tried to get away with his family but Gorrodo found out. Short on options, Kriel hid his family in with the “cargo” hoping that they would have better luck escaping on the other end of the journey. However, Gorrodo’s men lost track of Kriel’s family. To punish him, Gorrodo put the bounty on Kriel. After the story, Gida handed Varo the ring she found in the cockpit. It matched Varo’s. With a bittersweet smile, she thanked Gida.
While in transit, Shaak found some smuggling compartments under the walkway, KX found some smaller compartments. Hannimaul went looking for weapons but didn’t find anything. All the weapons were with the guards when they got sucked out into the vacuum of space.
As the ship was landing, Shaak decided to check on Ashe who had slept for the last 3 days straight. Using her skills in medicine, she checked out Ashe and found that she is in relatively good health but has had exposure to some unsavory substances. Ashe woke up during the exam, swatted at Shaak and ran off of the ship.
After landing on Formos, the crew released all of the slaves from the pods. At most, they were dehydrated, hungry, in shock and disoriented. Gida and Shaak left the ship to go contact their FRM (Free Ryloth Movement) handler. It would be at least two days before anyone could arrive to pick up the liberated slaves.
Geofe started breaking down the pods to make room for the slaves while Gida and Rufus went to find a scrap vendor to purchase the pods parts. Gida got a good deal. KX went dumpster diving and found a piece of scrap that could help free R2-D6 from the ship.
On the second day, Geofe and KX worked with a few of the mechanically-inclined freed slaves to finish breaking down the pods. Shaak and Gida looked after the others.
Rufus and Hannimaul decided to check out the cantina to see if they can find any work. On their way, they witnessed a questionable transaction between shady individuals. They also found a damaged J9-B8 droid who asked them to rescue his companion, R4-W9, who had been droidnapped. J9 died in the dumpster and Hannimaul asked Rufus to scavenge J9 for parts. They found another piece to help with disconnecting R2. They continued on to the Rii Jenks Cantina.
Until next time….

Session 03
The Interrogation of Geofe

Beginning with Ash’s Tail, when she woke from Shaak’s medical exam, she grabbed her stuff and hopped off the ship as soon as it touched down. Still mostly asleep, she ran and got lost outside of the spaceport of Formos. She spent the night trying out the Glitterstim and “listening” to the smugglers on the other side of the warehouse wall she huddled against. The next morning, she met up with Rufus and Hannimaul at Rii Jenk’s Cantina, the only cantina in the area.
Rufus and Hannimaul “defended a lady’s honor”, defeating 1 Human and 1 Weequay smuggler, taking the Human hostage. The Rodian lady, Zukata, accompanied them back to the ship of her own volition.
Meanwhile, the scrap was picked up and the FRM arrived to pick up the liberated slaves. Silais’Passik gave Gida a lecture before promoting her from Agent to Squad Leader. Her mission is to 1) recruit her new friends to the FRM and 2) go undercover as an apprentice bounty hunter with the goal of legitimately obtaining an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate to solidify her cover. She is to regularly report to Silais, her new CO. Shaak is to continue her training and be careful with regard to her “other” skills.
Geofe got a message from Vylla, Nynna’s mother. They are safe but watched. She called him “Ka” and warned him not to return, yet. Once Geofe shared the message with the group, Ash and Gida interrogated him as to his history. He revealed that Geofe isn’t his real name, that he isn’t working for anyone else and that he was not romantically involved with Vylla.
Rufus talked to Zukata. She eventually revealed that she is looking for her brother, Godon Netakka. He is a bounty hunter searching for Bandin Dobah and has gone missing. Rufus agreed to look for him and share whatever he finds.
The next day, the team went shopping, except for KX. KX stayed at the ship and had a debate about droid rights with a Tritonite missionary. The missionary was visiting all of the newcomers to Formos attempting to spread the word of Holy Gactimus. It was a lively afternoon for both!
As the team left the ship for their shopping trip, they noticed a Toydarian following. Ash hopped into an alley to lay a trap for him. He claimed to know nothing and was only going home. Ash followed him to his house and left to rejoin the party. She also decided to do some pickpocketing which was technically successful. She found some pocket lint from her first mark but her second didn’t actually have pockets. When she reached into the folds of his robe, well, ahem. He turned and smiled. She left and wanted a bath.
They spotted the same Toydarian on his way somewhere. Ash and Gida followed. He went to the warehouse that Ash was spying on their first night on Formos. She overheard the Toydarian sell info about our party to Daro Blunt, one of the men from the cantina…and boss of Spiro who is currently being held in a locked storage bay of The Hutt Lord’s Revenge.

Session 04
Life Day!

Heading back from their shopping trip and subsequent spying on Daro’s warehouse, our party (minus KX who was enjoying an animated and passionate discussion about theology and the rights of droids everywhere with a Tritonite Missionary) found themselves surrounded by preparations for Life Day! They were mobbed by revelers and Ash ended up with an orga root, used by Wookiees for spiritual journeys to the Tree of Life. Ashe was gnawing on it before Shaak could tell her what it was. She was enamored of her surroundings for the following few hours.
After reaching the ship, Rufus spoke privately with KX and Geofe regarding the two force users. KX revealed that it has knowledge of the Sith of which Rufus was unfamiliar. Geofe then added an attachment to Rufus’s weapon while Rufus, Gida, Hannimaul and Shaak went to interrogate Spir.
Spir gave some useful information but was unable to answer all of Rufus’s questions. Leaving him locked up in the ship, Rufus offered the whole crew a cut of the bounty if they helped bring in Bandin Dobah. With a rousing cheer at the possibility of such a payday, they began planning their assault on the warehouse.
The plans were all for naught however. Due to the time spent on the interrogation, Daro and his crew were outside the warehouse, awaiting the arrival of either their missing man or his captors. Ashe lured 1 of the smugglers away leaving Daro, a Wookiee and 3 humans. After an epic battle, Hannimaul offered the killing blow, thrusting his sword up through Daro’s head. The rest of the gang ran off after seeing their leader killed.
As our party looted the dead Daro, fringers came out of hiding and offered their thanks. Hannimaul asked for a monetary expression of gratitude, earning himself 20 credits before Rufus shooed off the growing crowd before they drew any more attention.
Using the keys they found on Daro, they unlocked the warehouse and searched it. Inside, they found R4-W9 hooked up to a computer. The smugglers had downloaded a set of coordinates for a nearby asteroid field into the droid. Once R4 was freed of its restraining bolt, he told the party that it was the likely location of the man responsible for the death of J9-B8 and his own abduction, one Bandin Dobah. The party promptly agreed to help the poor bereaved droid on his quest for vengeance.
The team ransacked the rest of the warehouse finding a variety of items and credits. While they were doing that, Geofe decided to turn the stairs into an escalator…a down escalator. Rufus was out of breath by the time he reached the top and Daro’s office. Ashe collected all of the gear in her Backpack of Holding and they headed back to the ship.
Once on board, they released the captive Spir. R4 gave the coordinates to R2 and Rufus took off heading towards the asteroid field. While they were in hyperspace, they took the opportunity to exchange a few Life Day gifts they had collected earlier in the day.
Next time on The Adventures of The Hutt Lord’s Revenge, we will reach the asteroid field and discover if it is the location of the elusive Aqualish, Bandin Dobah.

1. Ashe: Life day gift: Marcan Herb (1 dose)
2. Hannimaul: Life day gift: Marked Sabacc Deck
3. KX-12: Life day gift: Droid Rights Badge (Emergency Repair Patch)
4. Rufus: Life day gift: Stormtrooper Sticker (+1 Handling for The Hutt Lord’s Revenge) “I Support the Troops”
5. Gida: Life day gift: Kitchen Knives
6. Shaak: Life day gift: Keys to ship with YT-1300 key chain
7. Geofe: Life day gift: Crash Survival Kit

Session 05
On the Hunt for Bandin Dobah

We rejoin our party as they are travelling from Formos to the suspected location of Bandin Dobah, somewhere in an asteroid field located a short hyperspace flight away. They have all gone to heal and rest after exchanging their Life Day gifts. While resting, both Hannimaul and Shaak had a strange dream. Both dreamed of a scholar hiding a talisman. Shaak shared this with Rufus, Gida and KX while Hannimaul talked only to Ash.

Coming out of hyperspace inside the asteroid field, they soon found the one they were looking for. KX was able to jam the comms on a sentry drone and it was soon destroyed. A Z-Tie fighter emerged from a hanger hidden at the top of the asteroid. It too was quickly dispatched and our party made their way into one of the tunnels they found. Successfully avoiding the sticky ichor and gooey stalactites, they came to a cavern with an abandoned ship. They broke in, looted a bit and KX applied some binary graffiti to the window.
They continued on until they found another cavern. Searching this one, they found a group of mynocks – also quickly killed by new ace gunners, Ash and Gida. With a great show of sense, they didn’t hang around waiting for more to show up.
Meanwhile, while Shaak was meditating, she had a few flashes of foresight. First, she saw Rufus’s pocket, emptier than he was expecting. Next, she saw Geofe’s face, smiling fondly. Finally, she had a flashback of her earlier vision but noticed another presence next to her along with one more distant and perhaps facing away.
Soon, they came upon a well-lit cavern with a pressure curtain and a YV-666 Medium Freighter called The Vagrant. Rufus, Hannimaul, Gida and Geofe quickly moved from The Revenge to the new ship. Geofe rolled a stun grenade into the cargo hold before the team advanced. At the other end of the cargo area, an elevator started descending from above. Before it was all the way to the ground, Rufus blasted all 3 of the men on the elevator! While doing a sultry victory dance over their bodies, a Rodian bounty hunter (Godon Netakka) emerged from one of the escape pods on the other side of the elevator. Startled by the unexpected violence paired with Rufus’s seductive moves, he didn’t fire immediately. (It is possible the Rufus has been spending too much time with Gida.) It took a few attempts, but Rufus was eventually able to get Godon on their side. They took the elevator to the top, where Bandin was likely waiting. They were not disappointed. The Aqualish smuggler baron put up a good fight, injuring Hannimaul before succumbing to Godon’s disruptor pistol. Though still alive, Bandin Dobah was down and now bound and unconscious.
While this was happening, Bandin’s First Mate was manning the laser cannon, attempting to fire on The Revenge. KX was able to jam the weapon while Ash fired at him. Between them, they were able to completely shut him down. He gave up and ran to help his boss…where he went up against Gida and Geofe. After Bandin was down, Hannimaul hopped in and with a sword straight through the stomach, the First Mate was dead. There was much looting.
Ash and Shaak showed up just at the end, both running over to help Hannimaul. Shaak shoved Ash out of the way, earning a hiss from latter, and held her hands above the slash across his chest. A pale green glow emanated from her hands and eased into Hannimaul’s wound. Before his eyes, the wound closed up, the pain subsiding until all that was left was a thin red line marking where there was once an injury.
KX was able to convince the Loader Droids that their “owner” was no longer their owner and they chose to leave the asteroid with the group. Ash looted the crates outside, finding 6 containers of glitterstim (100 doses in each) and only swiped 5 before she called Rufus over. Gida found a similar container in the cargo hold.
Once all of the loot, droids, party members, passengers and prisoner were on board, they took off for Sleheyron. Given the amount of illegal goods and people on board, Rufus decided that turning Bandin Dobah in to Thakba the Hutt was a better choice than delivering him to the Imperials on Kessel, despite the disparity in price. As soon as Rufus declared his decision, Shaak was taken with another vision. This one was again an image of Rufus’s pocket only this time it was bulging.
After the ship took off and everyone was going about their business, Geofe was in the Engineering Bay, sorting out some of the grenades he’d found. He noticed that his datapad was flashing. He had a holomessage. A few taps on the screen and a miniature image of his oldest friend, a scholar, was hovering above his datapad just as Hannimaul walked in to discuss repairing his sword. Shocked, he recognized the man from his earlier vision. The message requested that Geofe visit his friend on Eriadu to assist with some possibly dangerous research. Hannimaul said they needed to go to see that man. Who is he and what is he researching? What sort of reception will our friends receive at the hands of the Hutts? I guess we’ll find out next time on…THE ADVENTURES OF THE HUTT LORD’S REVENGE!

Session 06
Exploring Sleheyron

Somewhere near an asteroid on the fringes of Hutt Space, our plucky band of ne’er-do-wells celebrate their triumph…and expected influx of cash. Riding along are Godon Netakka, R4-W9 and 2 Loader Droids. Riding along with slightly less enthusiasm and a major blemish on his face is Bandin Dobah, bounty acquisition.
Between Rufus, KX and D6, they were able to navigate a respectably short route through the Kessel Run. There were only two close calls with black holes. 12 parsecs. Not bad.
Gida received urgent orders. Both she and Shaak needed to get to Naboo as fast as possible, within the limits of the FRM’s budget. They both ran off before the ramp had even hit the ground on the swampy planet of Sleheyron. The rest quickly found their way to both a “little smuggler’s room” and Thakba’s fabulous palace. The palace rose high above the noise and pollution of the spaceport city.
Thakba was all too pleased to give Rufus the 5000 credit bounty and purchase the 7 crates of glitterstim. The happy Hutt Lord “invited” everyone to see what would become of Bandin in the slave gladiator pits on the following day. Of course the invitation was accepted. In the meantime, KX, Rufus, Geofe and Godon spent some time enjoying the food, drinks, entertainment and company. KX even started a new dance craze!
The rest of the day was spent on a marginally successful shopping trip. They were, however very successful in their attempt to get some upgrades for the ship. These were installed immediately. Godon decided to stay here on Sleheyron and build a bounty hunting team, of which R4 is the first member and his sister, Zukata, would likely be the second.
Early the next morning, Rufus, Geofe, KX, Hannimaul, Ashe and one of the loader droids left to hit up the trade district again before heading to the Gladiator Pits. Bandin took to the pit not long after they arrived. His first opponent was a young, thin Twi’lek. Bandin won. His second opponent, however, was a heavy Weequay who destroyed him in moments.
While the organics were accompanying Thakba, KX and MaX-L picked up 3 pennants supporting droids in their own gladiatorial arena. MaX was enthralled with the combat. Seeing this, KX’s focus shifted to the coaches in an attempt to evaluate their behavior towards the droids in their care. Most were harsh and demanding, clearly “owners”, while others tended to ignore the droid and just make adjustments and repairs to their parts. One, a human woman, had a couple of droids around her. She seemed to hover around them like a hen with her little chicks. As Rufus and Geofe arrived, MaX declared his desire to be a gladiator and KX led them over to the coach that it had been watching. After a brief discussion and repeated assurances that MaX would remain a free droid, Rufus, Geofe and KX left for an excursion out into the swamps.
Accompanying a comms relay repair crew and their guards, the trio thoroughly annoyed the entire crew. Once they arrived at the site of the malfunction, KX attempted and failed to catch a goldfish. Instead, it used the bucket to pick up trash left around the tiny island. KX later used this same trash to distract a few dianoga from attacking the workers. This unconventional rescue changed the minds of the crew and the journey back to the city had a party atmosphere. They were enjoying the company so much that they invited Rufus, Geofe and KX to their local cantina. Happy to continue the revelry, they enthusiastically agreed. Geofe ordered some tea, Rufus a beer and KX started doing oil shots before hitting the dance floor with the moves that won over the crowd in Thakba’s palace the previous day.
After a few hours, the crew had gone home, Geofe was asleep on the bar, teacup in his hand and KX had finally noticed that it was the last one on the dancefloor. KX and Rufus dragged Geofe back home to the Hutt Lord’s Revenge. What will happen next time? Where have our intrepid thieves disappeared to? Why were Gida and Shaak called away so suddenly? Can KX suffer from a hangover? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Session 07
To Eriadu!

Summary pending. My apologies.

Session 08
Escape from Eriadu

Summary pending. My apologies.

Session 09
The Force Cave

Summary pending. My apologies.

Session 10
To the Races...the Swoop Bike Races!

Summary pending. My apologies.


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