1 ABY. While dodging the Empire and a double-crossed Hutt lord, our grumpy band of adventurers chase bounty acquisitions, liberate slaves and the occasional droid…if it doesn’t shoot first. Amidst the constant chaos, we are also attempting to unlock the secrets of the Force…and the other party members.

Our party includes:
Rufus Teach – Human Bounty Hunter – Gadgeteer
Gida Ryloth – Twi’lek Bounty Hunter – Assassin
Shaak Tano – Togruta Consular – Healer
Geoffrey Dingo – Cerean Technician – Mechanic
KX-12 – Droid Technician – Slicer
Xzyriv-Xziz Viraj – Falleen Smuggler – Charmer

The Hutt Lord's Revenge

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