The Hutt Lord's Revenge

Session 15

The Corellian Shuffle

Session 15 Summary

After our adventurers saved the Dathomir camp and discovered the vaccine for the sickness that was pretty much turning the inhabitants into zombies, those in charge of the camp sought out Gida, Shaak, and KX to further discuss their findings and to perhaps join in the rebellion against the empire.

Together with Bene Menta, Rufus, ZZ and Dingo set off to see if they could establish themselves with some other smugglers and perhaps get some work. They head to The Mynock’s Rest, a cantina in Treasure Ship Row. After getting some advice from a dancer, they figured out the code they had to answer to even get introduced to the lead smuggler. They were able to discover that the time referred to how long it took them to do the “Correlian Shuffle”. I know it sounds like dance fad, but it is actually a multiple drop smuggling route that has several objectives to complete. With some convincing, our group of fledgling smugglers was able to secure a spot on this shuffle. Gustip, a very well dressed Drall was the one who handed out the coordinates for the shuffle. Our party was very good at making the required drops and pickups, but on their way back they were ambushed by several pirates. After a short battle, the Revenge was able to get away. They made the final drop and completed the Correlian Shuffle successfully and in a satisfactory time…good enough that they were offered a chance to do the Shuffle again whenever they wanted a challenge. Our group of adventurers were rewarded handsomely.



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